What is The Newsletter™?

It's a weekly compendium of column-length thoughts and observations, gifs, links to good writing, my work for that week, photos, occasional film reviews, and recipes. Sometimes something extra. I try to make it something interesting and varied that you can enjoy on the weekend. It's also a chance for you to ask questions and generally chat about the world.

That last point is important. As of this writing, I have around 216,000 Twitter followers. That’s too many to engage with, too many to have anything more than the most cursory relationship, even if I see your comments and replies. Think of The Newsletter™ as an opportunity to get a little more, er, intimate.; to get a sense of my voice and my personality when I’m not being snarky or doing my 9-to-5. And while newsletters are a one-way medium, I want this to be as much of a conversation as possible. I want you to leave comments, to send me questions, and to let me know what you’re thinking.

There’s not much space on the internet for honesty and earnestness. Let’s try to make this one of them.

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Anything else?

My inbox is flooded with email. I’m sure your inbox is flooded with email too. I don’t want to make it worse. I’m serious when I say 4 updates a month. That’s it—you won’t have to deal with additional messages. And your personal information remains private and secure; it won’t be used for advertisers or to spam you with requests.

I want this to be fun—something to look forward to before you start your weekend. Thank you for joining.