maintain' and keep silent, make note, an observation

shake that load off

everyone's got their chains to break

but you know that a king is only a man

wonders on every side—life in marvelous times

how can we ever turn the tide—if we don't stand tall all as one

change your words into truths—and then change that truth into love

raise up, get yourself together—and drive your funky soul

get up and groove with the rhythm of your soul

and I'm going to the limits of my ultimate destiny

riddle me this, my brother—can you handle it?

i guess nobody told you a little knowledge is dangerous

photo journal #1

peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned

sing it like a church song

time keeps creeping through the neighborhood

you got to have dreams to make it all worthwhile

an important note from the newsletter™

we must brave this night (and have faith in the world)

we choose to lead, not follow

we're the directors of this groove ship

a whole new world

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